Remote learning

I think remote learning should be only in school. That’s what school only is for one reason why is harder than regular school with learning new things and not knowing the work and not know what to do. Plus being on the screen can be bad affecting peoples brain. It’s hard to just no one to explain it.

I think remote learning is harder than regular school. All the things the teacher assigned you do not know how or what to do. Learning new things that you never learn stuggle with work. Some people don’t have the things they need to do the assignments.

Being on the screen can be bad affecting peoples backs, eyes, and brain. With long hours of not know what to do most of the time people get head’s of watching the screen a lot.


Changing the school name

I think we should change our school name to Cesar Chavez. Cesar Chavez did fair right to people. He spread his idea’s To people around the world. He help his people to keep land and get paid well.

By telling speeches with the power of his voice. And by traveling around america. By telling people its wrong to do what they are doing.

The year that is coming

I want to change myself this year. I want to be a very smart expert. I want soccer player. I want to explore the world.

I plan to be an expert.   I want to be good at everything and know everything. I am being the best smartnes. I knowing the world.

I plan to be a soccer player.   I want to be the best of my farouite sport.

I Thinking of being a explore.   I want to know the world. Some part of the world are Diffrent where i live.

This is what i want to change this year. I want to becoming a expert and a soccer player and explore the world. that’s my goal.

The Lottery

I think Mr. summers is sereis about the lottery.

He want’s to get over with the lottery. Mr. Summers Don’ts not like the lottery. He Feel like they should not stop the lottery because. If he Did the lottery would stop by now.


If we had a party afther school

Play a soccer game

8 rooms with pilows to make a pilow fight

20 pizza and 20 hambers

Aldo Walk




My class went on a fun nature walk I saw a creek. There was tees there were plants.

Their was a Beaver dam on the creek, and the water had a lot of mud on the water. And I Did not saw a Beaver.

There were very tall trees and logs, on the Floor Some were closet the Beaver’s dam.

There were plant with srap sticks and some had lot’s of leaves.